• kdizzy is offline kdizzy

    Yoo you still play this hoe? Haha it’s been hella long I thought this shit died.

    posted: Apr 26 8:37 AM
  • shalai is offline shalai

    don't know if you still remember me but just wanted to say hey, :)

    posted: May 13 2014 1:09 AM
  • RainBoots is offline RainBoots

    :O Heyyyy !! <3

    posted: Jan 17 2012 11:40 PM
  • Shanti_4-30-09 is offline Shanti_4-30-09

    hahaha essay time lol heyyyyy how u been? whats up? hows life? hows vside? hows your pets if u have? hows vside? <- just answe rit again lol (: i ran out of questions butttttt 8-) say hi to everyone i know and who i dont know xD...... remember veggies r watching u.

    posted: Feb 24 2011 7:24 AM
  • bottomboi is offline bottomboi

    hey where u at?

    posted: Jul 11 2010 3:01 AM
  • bottomboi is offline bottomboi

    hey wutz up mariah my account got hacked

    posted: Jul 10 2010 11:20 PM