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    I have quit vside due to it being one of the worst things in the world, it is not fun anymore, i kept getting very annoyed by the wanna-be gang members, A.K.A. the Vside Mafia, which in my opinion, are a bunch of assholes who have no social lifes, seriously, if dont give you vpoints, your gonna do what? hack my account? well good luck dumb ass, i doubt you have hacking software, you need to get off your fat ass, stop threatening people in a game, that is almost 100% violence free! and get a life! you cant break a leg in vside.you cant shoot anyone in vside... you cant run a pimping buisness in vside! jesus you guys are fucking retarded! Anyways, i do have alot of friends, who i will miss, and i will join the game every once in a while to say hi, but as long as youv'e got posers like the Vside Mafia and other douchebags, alot of other people like me are gonna realize they are wasting their time. so Good Bye everyone, i hope you see this game the same way i do :)

    posted: Jun 21 2011 5:20 AM
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    ur bi??? I neva knew dat??

    posted: Mar 6 2011 6:38 PM
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    talk to me in game syn

    posted: Feb 1 2011 10:05 PM
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    Look who's back...probably

    posted: Feb 1 2011 1:46 AM
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    dropped in for a few to check out how stuff has been goin..... don't think im comin back yet though

    posted: Jul 11 2010 5:57 PM
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    hey just thought id see wats up, apparently nothing wit u

    posted: Jun 30 2010 3:38 AM